Bio: Megan Powell was raised on a steady diet of Star Wars, Dr. Who, Oz books, DragonLance and Greek mythology. Having absorbed what she could from upstate New York, she attended Bryn Mawr College and graduated with a degree in History.

In an effort to build up an interesting list of jobs while paying the bills, Megan has worked for campus dining services, a car hop, a gymnasium, a library, an art department, an engineering firm, several temp agencies and an electronics manufacturer. Based upon her personal experience, food service is the least appealing industry, modeling is the most hazardous job and Oracle SQL is more aesthetically pleasing than Access SQL.

Megan's short fiction has been published in various magazines and anthologies; these triumphs are listed on her website, She is the editor of the webzine Fables ( and has also edited anthologies.

Megan lives in suburban Philadelphia with her husband Larry, two cats and 4.5 computers.

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Crossings features twelve stories at the intersection of genres, set in worlds disturbingly familiar and far distant. Science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, and romance elements converge to produce a whole greater--and stranger--than the sum of its parts. The contributors' pedigrees include various honors: a National Endowment for the Arts creative writing fellowship, Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs literary funding, Best of the Web award, Sime~Gen's Reviewer's Choice Award, Best... more info>>
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The Witching Hour
Goddesses, hags, healers, wise women, sisters ... powerful, victimized, good, evil, helpful, vengeful, respected, misunderstood ... witches. An anthology of 22 stories exploring witches and witchcraft.
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Georg has always known how his life would go. He would take over as Lord when his father died. But when his brother, Marcus, who has been studying with the wizards, suddenly dies, Georg is chosen to take his place. He is far from happy about this, but a member of his family has always been expected to work with the wizards. When they refuse to take his other brother, Edward. So he agrees to go. Once there, he realizes there is something peculiar about his brother's death. Nobody seems to be will... more info>>
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