Bio: Born of poor parents following the Depression, Gerry spent most of his first sixteen years studying the piano, reading everything in print, and winning oratorical contests. His promising career as a concert pianist came to an end when he entered Northeastern University. In return for his promise never to return there, he was handed a degree in electrical engineering. He misread that as encouragement and began a career in avionics engineering. Married, with three children, he switched to sales, but divorce unfortunately followed. He met and married Lori, continued in sales, then opened his own business, selling it ten years later.

The high-speed automation and robotics industry kept him occupied until 1990, when he took a brief sabbatical with Lori, his bride of twenty-eight years by then. They set out on a 45 foot ocean sailing yacht, managing to terrorize most of the Canadian Maritimes and the eastern seaboard for over a year before ending up in the Bahamas, where fortunes ran out. Not one to fret, he immediately wrote his first novel, typing furiously to see how the story ended, while Lori plotted a course for Florida.

He returned to industry, and has worked since in automation and robotics. Presently he is a Principal Engineer for a neurological equipment company in Florida.

Shying away from the purely technical, he enjoys writing character-driven stories dealing with human shortcomings, a topic in which he has a great degree of personal expertise. His hobbies are architectural design, reading and occasionally the piano. He no longer sails, and the world is a safer place for it.

There are those who believe he should give up writing for the same reason, but so far no one has come forward with an acceptable bribe.

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Fire Owl [James Foster Adventures Book 3]
Wealthy, brilliant and highly respected, Secretary of the Interior Benjamin Howland believes America can be restored to world greatness only if he takes over government and declares martial law. All it will take is a healthy dose of national panic and upheaval...
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Magic for Your Writing: Help for the Aspiring Writer
Magic is defined as that essence of imagination projecting us into the world of fantasy. Adult readers have a difficult time tapping into their hidden "child", whereas adult moviegoers fare much better. Why? The answers will be found in this reference manual, Magic for Your Writing, a collection of tips and techniques that can make a striking and beneficial difference in your novel no matter the genre. Aimed primarily at struggling writers who are spinning their wheels, the manual will be helpfu... more info>>
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No Place for Gods [James Foster Adventures Book 1]
Las Vegas has just been destroyed by a power unknown to science, and you are the United States president. You're in shock as a foreign ambassador hands you an incredible document claiming responsibility for the destruction and giving you twenty days to prepare your country for annexation. [Author's preferred edition of "Then is the Power."]
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The Eden Prophecy [James Foster Adventures Book 4]
Jim Foster's quest for meaning bears fruit even as he eludes a continental dragnet. An advanced society has chosen him to deliver an urgent warning to all mankind: Earth will enter a period of upheaval that will doom all life within 30 years, and humanity's survival requires global cooperation--now! James Foster Adventures Book 4.
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The Focus Factor
A scientist whose family is killed by illegal immigrants decides to use his research on autistic idiot-savants to discover a solution to the problem. Before long, he finds himself inextricably involved in a conspiracy to not only solve the illegal immigrant crisis, but almost every other ill besetting America. [Entertaining futuristic suspense. On another level, a manifesto for regime change in America.]
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The Mudslinger Sanction [James Foster Adventures Book 2]
When Dr. Gordon Whittier is kidnapped for bait, Jim sets out to rescue him against all odds. His powers are pitted against ruthless murderers, a brilliant computer hacker, the FBI's best, and the clock in a race to save Whittier's life. All he has to work with is a trail of clues and his talents, but to succeed he must learn to use his force against theirs.
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