Bio: Jody Riva LaGreca, also published as J. R. LaGreca, was born in Sea Gate, Brooklyn, New York's first gated community in Coney Island. She is the author of six novels, Afternoon Tea, Suburban Weird, The Gloaming, Fleshpot, Seduction, and Bloodless co-authored with Michael McCarty. Her novels have received five star reviews from Midwest Book Review and other reviewers. She has a BA in Writing/English from Queens College University of New York and graduated Phi Theta Kappa Magna Cum Laude in Fashion Apparel Design from NCC, State University of New York. She is an award-winning poet whose poetry is internationally published in numerous anthologies and magazines, including Midstream. She has also published a poetry book written in quadrants titled Will Of The Soul. Jody LaGreca is an eclectic author who writes in assorted genres including Historical and Contemporary Fiction with subgenres of Romance and Mystery. For more information please visit her website at , her Amazon Author Page, and her J. R. LaGreca facebook fan page.

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Daniel Peck is a modern-day vampire, over one hundred years old. He succumbs to his transformation on the Lusitania when the beautiful and ancient Veronica, Queen of the Undead, beguiles him. Daniel survives the sinking of the Lusitania, and another disaster when the Hindenburg explodes. Years later Daniel is a middle school substitute teacher in Baltimore, Maryland. He feeds off the energy of four students and turns them into zombie-like creatures who subsist on human remains. Daniel kills peop... more info>>
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