Bio: Bryce Walton, writer of more than 1,000 published stories, was born May 31, 1918, in Blythedale, Missouri. Bryce worked as a sailor, gold miner, migrant farmer, and railroad section hand. During World War II he was a recipient of a special citation from Admiral Chester Nimitz for his coverage of the military action in Iwo Jima. After the war he was employed as an instructor in short story writing at Ann Elwood College. He was a freelance writer of science fiction, mystery and other genre fiction starting around 1945. His first book was a science fiction novel called Sons of the Ocean Deeps (1952), followed by the mystery and adventure novels The Long Night (1952), Cave of Danger (1967), Harpoon Ginger (1968), Hurricane Reef (1970), and The Fire Trail (1974). He is best remembered for the more than one thousand short stories he contributed to magazines, periodicals, and anthologies. He wrote for television as well starting with scripts for Captain Video. Bryce also co-wrote six screenplays for the Alfred Hitchcock Presents television series. Bryce Walton died February 5th, 1988 in Van Nuys, California.

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