Bio: Lance Lane is a self-taught screenwriter and playwright, Lance Lane was born in Prosser Washington. The second youngest of nine children, Lance grew up in Richland, Washington and attended Hanford High School. After graduating high school, Lance moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting, writing and directing. Lance now a journeyman writer, has worked along side and with such film icons as Director John McTiernan (Die Hard), Director Tony Kaye (American History X), Playwright and Screen Writer Paul Zindel (Effect of Gamma Rays, Runaway Train), Producer Jay Julian (Kings of New York), Acting guru Lee Strasberg, Director Bobby Lewis and many more. In recent years Lance worked on The Bleeding (Michael Madsen, Vinnie Jones) with producer Michael Tadross Jr. (Tony n' Tina's Wedding) in Wilmington North Carolina. Lance also rewrote the film Smile (Armand Assante) for Cine Tel Films also. Last year, Lance worked on an untitled Armand Assante project and with Misguided Productions' Phil and Mike Ferrara, Lance has proudly worked on Casca: The Eternal Mercenary. He is currently working on a Eric Basset (Janie Jones) production and independent film slated for shooting in the fall. As a director Lance's films The Kings of Brooklyn (David Keith) and Junked (Thomas Jane and Jordan Ladd) have reached acclaim in the independent film circuit. Lance directed and co-wrote Kings of Brooklyn which won the New York Film and Video Festival. Junked which Lance also wrote and directed was nominated for best film in the Austin Film Festival and was nominated for a Prism Award. Over the years Lance has worked on numerous script polishes, ghost writing assignments and treatments. Order of Redemption (Tom Berenger), Brighton Beach, Wolf Pack and Unkown Hero (Brian Kilmeade Fox News), and Baby Soldiers just to name a few. Lance is married to actress Marion Yue, with whom he has a lovely daughter filmmaker Zoe. He is a proud member of the Directors Guild of America, and also a member of Actor's Studio Writers and Directors Unit.

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