Bio: John Kane is the author of "Best Actress," which was turned into a cable television film and translated into seven languages. His play, "The Eleven O'Clock Number" recently debuted in South Florida and is the winner of the 2011 Saints and Sinners Best Play Competion. You can reach Mr. Kane at

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Somebody is Killing the Trophy Wives of Beverly Hills
In Hollywood, all the stars, the top directors, the studio tycoons and, of course the rock stars have replaced their first wives with the younger, newer, hotter model. Everywhere she looks, glitz-writer Nikki Tyler sees trophy wives. Some of them are even her friends... but that doesn't mean she wants one of them to send her their manuscript and ask for help placing it with her publisher. Still, Hollywood is all about connections and favors--Nikki figures she owes it to her friend Tamara to at l... more info>>
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