Bio: One of the hardest parts of writing is doing a bio. Cramming yourself into a few short paragraphs. So who am I? When I'm not writing--which I do a lot of, I'm having fun with my kids. I take them to tae kwon do, ballet and horseback riding. I love to read. My favorite story as a child was Tom Sawyer. Maybe that would explain why I was always in some kind of trouble. A book can take you anywhere. Fun is found in words. One of my greatest joys is knowing someone has read my story and gotten something from it. I hope that was you. Thanks, Charlie.

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Banacor: In The Beginning
Who needs mystical magic more than a critically ill fifteen-year-old girl and her aggrieved fourteen-year-old sister? Willow lays day after day bedridden while her sister, Alana, spins tale after tale of wondrous places. Unbeknownst to the inseparable pair, an angel sits listening. Ninian watches over Alana, her charge, while the powerful archangel, Raphael, hovers over Willow. To her horror, Ninian is privy to frightening information. Willow denounces God, life everlasting. She is suspicious, ... more info>>
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