Bio: While always fascinated by the secrets of ancient history -- spending years seeking answers which were not easy to find -- A.K. Hawking managed to find an outlet which allowed her to share some of her knowledge and discoveries? writing. She enjoys weaving a fictional tale through layers of historical facts unknown to most people, with the hopes of igniting her readers own quest for the truth. She lives in the South with her soul mate and her two best friends, Mazie and Annabelle, miniature schnauzers.

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Seekers of the Stone
Earth's fate hangs in the balance and only one pure soul can tip the scales to reverse everyone's fortune; a soul that died nearly 250 years ago. Saira, a Seeker, explores her past lives from her first soul memory to uncover millenniums of human history to reveal ancient Mayan secrets and the greatest cover-up of all time. Her mentor, Malina, and her sister, Crystal, also Seekers, each bring with them information to knit together a tapestry of history. Finding her true soul mate once again, Dani... more info>>
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