Bio: Mr. Watts is a life-long resident of Michigan. He was born in Detroit, but raised in one of the suburbs. Educated in the Catholic school systems, he also attended Wayne State University. He is a recent retiree of General Motors, spending thirty plus years on both sides of the fence as an hourly and supervisory employee. Married, both he and his wife come from large families. They enjoy traveling in the US and frequently spend time at their vacation home in Northern Michigan. Mr. Watts enjoys working with his hands. Most of the time, he can be found repairing, restoring and refinishing. He loves the outdoors and is an avid golfer and hunter. When not on the course, in the woods, or puttering around the workshop, he's content just cutting the grass. Relaxing each night with a good book, is what pushed him to write his own. 'Caution: Electrical Hazard' is his first novel, but not his proudest achievement, as he is the father of three wonderful adult children.

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Caution: Electrical Hazard
Clear weather on a beautiful summer day turns into a frighteningly huge storm. Two lives are greatly affected; a washed up pro golfer and a National Guard pilot. They both are struck by lightning and suffer the same injuries and after effects. Bobby Thomas and Capt. Tony Burns each beat the odds and survive the deadly strike, but the storm super cell has created an electromagnetic pulse. It has chemically and magnetically altered their bodies on the sub atomic level giving them a telekinetic po... more info>>
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