I started my creative life as a painter. My imagination harbors a lot of hot, gritty, complicated themes that didn't always lend themselves well to brushes and paint. I had to find another medium to share my thoughts and that's when I discovered words were the ultimate art tools. I secretly think of word groups as colors or moods and layer them into a story the same way I would build texture onto a canvas.

I've been fortunate to live an adventurous life with the love of my life and fellow artist at my side. My husband and I share our lives with a wonderful son and a very sweet border collie named Molly.

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Claimed by Dragons [Bag of Tricks 2]
Genre: Paranormal Shape-shifter Menage In an odd Wiccan shop in Salem, Jael pulls an unusual stone from a witch's wish bag. Little does she know her wildest dreams of adventure and a torrid affair with two gorgeous co-workers are about to come true--in spades. Jael's dreamy boss, Roarke offers her the assignment of a lifetime: a photo safari to Mount Kilimanjaro. The African scenery is stunning but the unexpected arrival of her two office crushes, Roarke and Kypton ignites her passion. Just as t... more info>>
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The Strix [Bag of Tricks 1]
Genre: Vampire Paranormal A cursed amber amulet unearthed in Pompeii flings Arcona into a past life of witchcraft, bloodshed, revenge, and sexual slavery to the cruel Master of a gladiatorial school. This violent parallel world is populated with "Slayers," blood-drinking immortals devoted to the gods of war and mayhem. As a Strix, or malignant witch, Arcona once used sex and blood rituals to create a race of immortal warriors to unleash on Rome. Now it's time to pay. The gladiator Tyr was one de... more info>>
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