Bio: This is the third book published by Matthew Stanley. Other titles include; Be a Hero! The Quest for Authentic Leadership, and Making Love with God. His non-fiction articles have been published in The State Journal, a business publication with circulation throughout West Virginia. He has received numerous regional and national awards for advertising, sales and marketing. He is a corporate leadership and sales trainer and is President and C.E.O. of several businesses. He maintains board positions with over a dozen local, state, and national organizations. He has three children: Kathryn, Rebekah, and Jonathan. He also has two step-children: Jessica and Josh. He lives with his wife, Pam, Mother-In-Law, Lillie Mom, and his two dogs, Sadie and Lalla- Belle.

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Lost World
Lost World, is a political thriller with a twist: the protagonist is a strong, female pacifist. Tessa Thurston is enjoying a pre-wedding vacation with her fiancÚ Corbin Carswell at a five-star resort, when a series of simultaneous terrorist attacks occur across the US. Tessa is touring the underground bunker of The Lost Springs Resort, when the bunker--a supposedly decommissioned safe site utilized by the Vice President in the event of war--locks down, trapping Tessa with a few of her friends an... more info>>
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