Bio: Michael V Gleich is a writer that has no one genre. His work includes erotica, mysteries, romance, horror and comedy. When not writing his latest short story he works on novels. His short works in erotica have appeared on various websites. He has published articles on various sports and bicycle repair. One of his stories on relationships was published and commented on by Dr. Thomas Lawrence Long, a member of Editors of Learned Journals and stated that Where Were You? A short story by Michael explores place and the ways that we are both literally and figuratively the products of our roots. Michael's novel length book of erotica titled, Sarge and the Sailor Boy is available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel where it has received excellent reviews. Michael is a life time member of Writer's Village University where he is the moderator for the mystery writers.

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Some say the most terrible thing that could happen is to be eaten alive but there is something far more horrible than that. Based on actual Native American folklore of the Mohave, a demon escapes a cluster of stars called, The Seven Sisters and comes to earth on a meteor. The Mohave are in peril of this demon, Kwayu who eats its victims alive and takes their souls. They ask the Seven Sisters for intervention. The Sisters hear the cry of the desert people and build a prison to house Kwayu called ... more info>>
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