Bio: Edith Parzefall studied literature and linguistics in Germany and the United States. After graduating with a PhD, she worked as a technical writer. Drawn to a more challenging career and increased opportunities for travelling, she moved on to management at a global IT company. Now a full-time writer, she strives to combine her two passions: writing and travelling.

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Wind Over Troubled Waters - Book One
Corn World. Britland. After the great flood, only memories, debris and derelict buildings speak of a past civilization. Visions of these disturbing times haunt Cerridwen's dreams. When her dying mother sends Cerridwen to find a mural in Saint Eyes and lead Britland into a better future, the young healer has little choice but to set out on a life-changing quest. Her ability to perceive auras convinces her to accept nature-attuned Trevly's offer of protection. Bent on adventure and enthralled by ... more info>>
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