Bio: A.J. Walker is an archaeologist who likes to get to the bottom of things. His training has taught him that under an innocuous field may lie a vanished village, while turning over a simple stone may reveal ancient writing. Finding the hidden under the surface is what archaeology is all about. s what writing is all about too. What makes people do what they do, and feel what they feel? It's often hard to find that out in the real world, but building a character from the bottom up makes for a satisfying pastime because it takes the writer from cause to effect. Like all writers he has been an avid reader since childhood and it wasn't long before he took the ideas in his head and put them on paper. When he's not writing, he likes to explore the natural world. He has a love of long-distance hiking and has recently rediscovered the joys of caving. He has yet to come across any monsters while exploring the underworld, however. He is the author of Roots Run Deep, a fantasy romance novel published by Double Dragon, and Murder at McMurdo, a mystery novella set in the Antarctic, published by LL-Publications. You can learn more about him, and lots about the Middle Ages, at his blog He also has a twitter feed at @ajwalkerauthor.

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Down in the Dungeon
The orcs of Grimwood summon an ancient evil. . . A mountaineering expedition to retrieve a griffin's egg goes horribly wrong, at least for most of the climbers. . . A soldier begins to believe his commander is not what he seems. . . A dungeon door poses a problem for an experienced party of adventurers. . . A unique trap appears to be inescapable, but for one desperate plan. . . Here are five tales set in the good old days of fantasy gaming, when friends sat around the kitchen table late into t... more info>>
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