Bio: Michael D. Smith was raised in the Northeast, then the Chicago area, finally moving to Texas to attend Rice University, where he developed as a writer and visual artist. In addition to exhibiting paintings and drawings, Smith has completed thirteen novels. His writing in both literary and science fiction genres uses humor to investigate psychological and spiritual themes. He strives for high energy, humor, intense character interaction, and strong emotion, employing extensive dialog and character thoughts to keep the feelings flowing through the story.

Smith's web site,, is named for his 2009 novel Sortmind, which chronicles the Telepathic Database, urban architectural wars, and two sets of aliens with opposing ideas about dealing with the human race. In his blog,, Smith explores art and writing processes. Both his web sites contain further examples of his writing and visual art.

Smith is currently the Technology Librarian for McKinney Public Library in McKinney, Texas. In his career as a librarian he's done extensive programming for adults, including book talks and author presentations, and has also marketed libraries through presentations and contacts with local media. His work includes eBook and audiobook acquisitions.

Smith recently placed a novella, The First Twenty Steps, for sale on Barnes and Noble's PubIt site to experiment with e-publishing formats and processes, and to offer some sample work.

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Jack Commer, Supreme Commander - [Book Two of the Jack Commer Series]
Jack Commer, Supreme Commander of the United System Space Force, leads a peace mission in his flagship Typhoon II to end the war with the fascist Alpha Centauri Empire. After an engine explosion strands the ship four months from its destination, the Typhoon encounters a derelict spaceship, but its nine rescued refugees are insolent and uncooperative, and they proceed to brainwash most of the crew into worship of the Alpha Centaurian Emperor. A month and a half later, all but three of the crew ha... more info>>
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The Martian Marauders - Book One
In 2033 Captain Jack Commer drops the planet-wrecking Xon bomb to end the Final War. The remnants of Earth's population are hastily evacuated to Mars, where previously unknown native Martians rise in rebellion, led by their new human emperor, the traitor Sam Hergs. Amid family squabbles rising from the presence of four Commer brothers aboard his ship, Jack finds himself battling Martian insurgents armed with shatterguns and telekinetic Amplified Thought. Then Jack compromises the entire mission ... more info>>
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