Bio: Janice Ladendorf has an honors degree in history and a master's degree in library science. She has been a research librarian, an inventory analyst, and an accountant. Schooling her own horses has been her lifelong hobby. She has published several historical works, as well as a book and articles about using humane methods for training horses. She is retired and currently lives in St. Paul, Minnesota. Heart of a Falcon is based on extensive research, as well as her own experience with horses. Her current horse is a Spanish Mustang who she tamed and trained herself. The heroine in her story has grown up in a family that helps escaped slaves and rescues abused horses. The horse in her medicine dreams is a Spanish Mustang

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Heart of A Falcon
Lisbet McTavish embarks on a heroic quest in 1830. She is a lonely, imaginative, and impulsive child who can ride, swim, shoot, and hunt like a boy. Lisbet is just fourteen, but already has the valorous heart of a falcon. She travels with her father from the foothills of West Virginia to Pittsburgh. There they catch a keelboat that takes them to Fort Gibson, Oklahoma. Lisbet has a hidden heritage and links to the spirit world of our Native Americans. She wants to find friends who will accept her... more info>>
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