For over 30 years, Tim Black's fiction and non-fiction has appeared in over one hundred newspapers and magazines around the world, including "The Miami Herald," "The Orlando Sentinel," "Florida Keys Magazine," "Palm Beach Life Magazine," "Boca Raton Magazine," "Military History Quarterly," "The International Edition of the Reader's Digest," "The Times of London," as well as "Amazing Stories Magazine."

He is the author of "Daydreams and Diaries", a memoir, published by Untreed Reads. "The Kids from Cassadaga" is his first Young Adult book. After suffering through 25 years of teaching American history with boring textbooks, he decided to try to make history interesting for the students with an entertaining tale.

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Rhett Butler, the runt of a litter of dachshunds, is born with magical healing powers. Working with his master he begins to heel various infirmities until the AMA learns about him and goes after him for actually healing patients. What was this dog? Why did he have such healing powers? Was he a dyslexic's version of God? Or was Jesus too busy walking around another Holy Land on some other planet and the best Earth could get was Christ's dog? Doxology attempts to answer such theological quest... more info>>
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