Bio: LEAH MARIE BROWN, a former newspaper reporter and broadcaster, lives in the frozen tundra (aka Alaska) with her dashing husband, (usually but not always) darling teenagers, and Molly, her much beloved, well-pampered Schnoodle. When she is not writing novels or freelance articles, the rabid Francophile spends her time plotting adventure-filled trips to Paris and filling her blogs with titillating tidbits about 18th century France and serendipitous encounters with Marie Antoinette's Boob Tree.

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Silence in the Mist
She vowed to make every revolutionary her mortal enemy, but hers was vow destined to be broken. After bloodthirsty revolutionaries murder her family, Françoise Despres vows to avenge their deaths and fight the violent mob destroying her beloved France by becoming a spy for the counter-revolutionary cause. She knows great success, silently slipping between the shadows to carry secret messages that thwart her foes. But she never expected to come up against Sebastien de Bréze, a daring, clever c... more info>>
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