Bio: From a young age, Micheal Grin always knew what he wanted to do; write. He's on a personal quest of enlightenment, always searching the deepest depths of his imagination to see what horrors he is capable of conjuring. Satisfaction lies for him in the cesspools of sexual torment, deprivation and the worst of humanity. His is a crusade to understand just what lengths a man can push himself to until he no longer has hope, fear or reason. With his wife, Evelyn, Micheal Grin currently resides in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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Princess Nonomi
Princess Nonomi is the story of a young and severely troubled woman. Having murdered her parents and burned her home down, Princess Nonomi went from being the outcast of a foster home to a student of a all-girl catholic boarding school. Violent, imaginative, sexual and cruel, Nonomi believes herself to be royalty in the 21st century, a being of divine right meant for greater things. After a savage attack on one of her classmates, Nonomi was committed under the care of Dr. Collins. A year later,... more info>>
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