Bio: Charles G. Wilson retired as Director of the Memphis Zoo and turned his thirty plus years of animal and travel experiences to writing science fiction by creating a new world, with new technologies and an all new cast of cosmic species. Wilson has published over thirty articles in scientific journals and numerous travel stories for magazines and newspapers about his expeditions to over forty countries. As a lifelong science fiction fan, Wilson was heavily influenced by such masters as Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert Heinlein, Andre Norton and C.J. Cherryh. In Webways to the Universe: Journey to Jangala, Wilson crafts the first of a projected three volume series, with each novel standing independent. He lives in Hernando, MS, where he and his wife raise orchids. He can be reached at

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Webways To The Universe [Journey To Jangala Book One]
The Commonwealth species may officially be at peace, but maintaining it is a struggle, especially with the frog-like Siderans who make a business of piracy and poaching, and a habit of hating Terrans. With alien technology, starships jump vast distances between star systems along safely mapped trajectories that create a webway for galactic commerce. The Terran Exploration Force was created to map new webways for Terran control in the continuing race among Commonwealth members. TEF Scout Jason W... more info>>
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