Bio: Mark McLaughlin's fiction, nonfiction and poetry have appeared in hundreds of magazines, websites, and anthologies, including many 'Year's Best' compilations. His first short story, "As Osiris Wills," a horror/sci-fi potboiler of epic proportions, was published in a respected science-fiction magazine when he was a teenager. He is the author of twenty-four books, including the story collection. McLaughlin is the co-author, with Rain Graves and David Niall Wilson, of The Gossamer Eye, which won a Bram Stoker Award for Poetry. His collaborative novel with Michael McCarty, Monster Behind the Wheel, was a Bram Stoker Award Finalist for Best First Novel. McLaughlin also writes two online columns on horror movies. Four-Letter Word Beginning with 'F' (the word in question is Fear) explores how the cinema of the macabre addresses different phobias. In Time Machine of Terror!, McLaughlin ventures through time in a unique vehicle which looks like a giant alarm clock with batwings. In each installment, he discusses the horror movies and TV shows of a particular year. McLaughlin is also a marketing and public relations professional who has served as the president of a regional advertising federation. He also writes a marketing and PR column for the Horror Writers

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Partners In Slime
A collection of horrific short stories, collaborative works, poetry and interviews by 'Partners in Slime" Mike McCarthy and Mark McLaughlin. Introduction by Gregory L. Hall. Excerpt: "Intriguing," the Major said. "Killer insects, but tiny. Much better than those killer cockroaches we were working on. Those things were as big as puppies--couldn't sneak 'em over enemy lines. So what's the hold-up?" "The biggest problem I have is this: after the dust mites eat a substantial amount of flesh, they w... more info>>
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