Bio: Kat grew up in a small town in rural Western NY in a large family consisting of eight siblings. Her love of books was sparked by her sister who would take her on weekly trips to the small public library. As she grew older, she began writing first for herself and then for the amusement of her friends. During a casual conversation with a friend about the future, she decided she would pursue writing as a profession. Now, when a spare moment present itself, she can be found with a pen and paper in her hands creating an alternate world.

when new books by Kat Davis (aka Catherine Thomas) are released.

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It's Time
Richard, a fairly young vampire by vampire standard has decided to buck the status quo and fight the establishment. Surrounding himself with others who felt the same way he did and had an axe to grind with the Brotherhood, an elitist group of vampires, he started a war. The war would shake the foundation of the Supernatural world. Amazed and annoyed by Richard's actions, the Brotherhood's governing body, the Elders call out their top enforcer, Patrick. He sought to quash the uprising. He tried f... more info>>
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