Bio: Kat grew up in a small town in rural Western NY in a large family consisting of eight siblings. Her love of books was sparked by her sister who would take her on weekly trips to the small public library.  As she grew older, she began writing first for herself and then for the amusement of her friends. During a casual conversation with a friend about the future, she decided she would pursue writing as a profession.  Now, when a spare moment present itself, she can be found with a pen and paper in her hands creating an alternate world.

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Atherina has been imprisoned for a century for a crime she didn't commit. The Old Ones, the leaders of the vampires, release her early to be their personal bounty hunter. If she finds the one who made the existence of the vampires public knowledge and returns the individual to the Old Ones for punishment, her sentence will be commuted. She travels to America and tries to assimilate to the changes a new century brings. She teams up with Detective Forest Green and the first vampire, Wesley Linton... more info>>
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