Bio: Patrick Henry is the author of The Lady of l'Aigle published by Club Lighthouse Publishing. He is a world traveller and a writer of travel industry features and Infomart video scripts. As a veteran of the British Royal Navy, he has had a keen interest in the study of WWII and has visited most of the important WWII battlefields around the world. While the writing The Lady of l'Aigle, he made an extensive research study of Sexual Identity, which entailed the interviewing of many transvestites and transsexuals, together with attendance at meetings with a number of transgender clubs and support organizations. He is still a keen sailor and is an enthusiastic MS/FS pilot, a hobby he shares with similar friends around the world. Although born and educated in England, he currently lives in Texas with his American wife, Anne and two Pomeranians.

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The Lady of l'Aigle
Ac young British sailor, David Blake, is rescued unconscious from the beach at Le Touquet by members of the French Resistance. He never imagines the event will eventually lead to his being accepted as one of the most glamorous female impressionist entertainers in Occupied France. Nor could he anticipate the fear and exhilaration he would experience in combat against the German occupation forces.  David's rescuers disguise him as a young girl to facilitate his treatment in a civilian hospital. By... more info>>
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