Bio: Bo Drury, born Elizabeth Paulann Lockhart and raised in the Texas Panhandle, had the advantage of growing up in the country and developing a great love for nature and the plains. She has story after story to tell from listening to her father's tall tales and the adventures of her ancestors, who braved the hardships of the new land and were themselves instrumental in taming of the Wild West--from her sixth great grandfather, Daniel Boone, to her paternal grandparents who made the run into the no-man's land called the Indian Territory of Oklahoma. With a ranching heritage on one side and a newspaper family on the other, her desire to write started at an early age. To date she has written several short stories of the West compiled in a book called "Once Upon a Time Out West". Presently living in Texas near her four sons, you will find her busy 'painting' stories at her easel or on her computer. You may visit her at

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Harry Mann In The Tangled Web
If you like a mystery with intrigue, suspense, action and a bit of humor, then you will love "Harry Mann in the Tangled Web." Be sure and have your snacks nearby as this is a page-turner, and you won't want to stop until you reach the end--where you are in for a big surprise. Harry Mann and Doris Daily, his Gal Friday, won't be forgotten anytime soon; they are a matched pair. The setting itself--Texas--is a winner, and combined with a fresh new mystery, will appeal to many who like to read abou... more info>>
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