SAMMY G. SHINA, P.E. is Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell and has previously lectured at the University of Pennsylvania’s EXMSE Program and at the University of California, Irvine. He is a past chairman of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Robotics/FMS, a founding member of the Massachusetts Quality Award, and a member of the Massachusetts Engineering advisory committee for NTU. He is the author of two best-selling books on concurrent engineering and has contributed two chapters and over 75 technical publications in his fields of research.

Dr. Shina is an international consultant, trainer and seminar provider on quality, six sigma, and DoE, as well as project management, technology supply chains, product design and development, and electronics manufacturing and automation. He worked for 22 years in high-technology companies developing new products and state of the art manufacturing technologieds. He was a speaker for the HP Executive Seminars on Concurrent Product/Process Design, Mechanical CAD Design and Test, and the Motorola Six Sigma Institute. He received S.B. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Management from MIT, an S.M. degree in Computer Science from WPI, and a Sc.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tufts University. He resides in Framingham, Massachusetts.

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Six Sigma for Electronics Design and Manufacturing
Fewer defects, optimal design, lower production costs, higher quality products, and increased customer satisfaction--with benefits like those, is it any wonder that premier firms such as GE have adopted the Six Sigma approach to design and manufacturing and thousands of other companies are following suit? This powerful engineering resource provides the detailed methodologies, illustrations, and calculations needed for the implementation and improved utilization of Six Sigma in the electronics, m... more info>>
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