Bio: Experienced in life's twist and turns, I turned to writing novels; my life long passion. With a vast canvas of people, capturing their essence, and then putting them on paper. I have a deep appreciation for the array of characters introduced to me through my voyages. Educated in the Catholic Schools, then later at the University of Michigan, where I learned, anyone can write a novel, there's one in all of us. The challenge is your ability to write a short story. I've the pleasure of seeing five short stories published.   Having parents thrown into the melting pot of the United States, they always discussed the life left behind. Scotland and Ireland stood out in conversations of the older times: A rich and refined history steeped in deep mysteries.    My imagination was piqued by folklore and stories related to me. Born with an innate love for the written word, as well as all the educators that pushed me to write with my heart, I have created a tale for the pleasure of adventurous readers. With the support of family and many great friends, I plan to continue pursuing my dream of writing. Their encouragement will help bring many hours of reading pleasure of the stories yet told

when new books by Fran Cobe are released.

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Highland Currents
Birkita MacKinnon has mapped out her life; she knows without doubt in what direction she is headed as a promising US brain surgeon, in her last stretch of schooling, finds herself thrown into an unbelievable adventure when her parents are murdered. They're the only family she has ever known. James, the family attorney, presents her with sealed letters which she is supposed to open only upon her parents' deaths. Following her parents' murder she travels to Scotland. their homeland. Following th... more info>>
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