Bio: Robert H. Patton was educated at Brown University and Northwestern University. He is married, a father of four, lives in Connecticut, and is the author of The Pattons: A Personal History of an American Family. This is his second novel, and is being published simultaneously with his first, UpDown & Sideways, by The Permanent Press.

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Life Between Wars
There is no question who killed the tourist scuba diver caught poaching from local lobster traps at dawn off Penscot Island. Robby Cochran letting the guy go unpunished would have been the surprise. But aftermath brings down flutters of doubt that are near miraculous in a thug like Robby, and he's only the first to find the rules and customs he's living by overturned by his act. Life Between Wars examines the ripples being caused by one violent incident as they disperse and build to a virtual ti... more info>>
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