Bio: Author Shelley Spedowfski shares her California home with a husband and daughter. They have a dog who thinks it?s a chicken and a parrot who cusses. She battles daily to control an obsessive need to garden and bake bread. She also enjoys knitting baby blankets for charity while watching mixed martial art cage matches and screaming, ?Choke him out!? at the screen.

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Why Rita Hates Monkeys
When the ladies of Short Mountain Mortgage clock out, chaos clocks in. Why Rita Hates Monkeys follows Vicky, Rita, and Lynette as their vacation in a Mexican rainforest goes horribly wrong. The aggressive bats are frightening and nobody can identify the dinner meat, but the trip becomes a real adventure when a monkey flings a hand at them. Their guide Elsa asks them to find the hand's owner. Their options are to help, or a local tribe will have them for dinner. And then later for a midnight snac... more info>>
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