Bio: M. A. Mogus taught physics and has worked in archaeology and with museums. She is a free-lance writer published in a number of areas and genres. Her book Jaguar?s Mirror was released in 2006, and her most recent story, Producthex appeared in Mysterical-E in 2008. Her website is

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The Lethe Gene
Archaeologist Keri St Cloud's dreams feed her unbidden knowledge and energy, forcing her into an initiation as a shaman and one who remembers. Agent Ray Glover, her ex-husband, requests her help a request that sends her on a journey to confront her past life and the man her killed her trying to steal her talent. She knows this man as a former professor who now works with a secretive genetic research company. Men and women at this company have been killed to keep the secret of the Lethe Gene, but... more info>>
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