Author: Richard S. Tuttle

Bio: Making the transition from President of a computer consulting firm servicing Fortune 500 companies to the reclusive life of creating new worlds is not as difficult a task as one would imagine. Both require organization, patience, and a vision of what is possible.

Richard S. Tuttle accomplishes this transition in a dramatic way with the release of six novels dealing with two entirely created worlds. The Khadora Series evolves around a continent comprised of three countries with widely diverse cultures.

The Targa Trilogy and the Sword of Heavens Series deals not only with a diverse world but widely varied universes as well. His ability to create a believable world and unique characters is bound to draw a following of readers that will make Richard S. Tuttle a household name.

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Richard Tuttle's Demonstone Chronicles
1.Alutar: the Great Demon [Demonstone Chronicles Book 7]