Bio: Chuck Bordell was born a poor transistor farmer in the Rust Belt of western Pennsylvania. His childhood was filled with polluted rivers that he fell in love with anyway, the sound of railroad cars crashing together, and dreams of lusty women of dubious reputation. Eventually, he tired of all things iron and decided to trade rust for heavy metals, moving to Missoula, MT in 1987. Despite a decided lack of tree cover (comparatively speaking), he found Missoula to his liking and, after earning a degree in Archaeology in 1991, decided to stay and continue his quest for the world record two-headed trout. In the meantime, he discovered that he had some skill in telling stories through sequential art and has since worked for numerous comic book publishers, including Malibu Comics, Caliber Comics, Brainstorm Comics, Transfuzion, 01 Comics, Alpha Productions and Silverline Comics.

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Anger Mis-management: A Cynic's Guide to American Culture
Anger Mis-management was inspired and conceived, out of wedlock, by Bordell's love of comedians such as George Carlin, Dennis Miller and Richard Pryor, and his well-nurtured caustic sense of humor. Bordell dissects (sometimes destroying) topics near and dear to our hearts, including U.S. government, racism, rock music, cloning, reality TV, religion, Bush, criminal athletes, sex education and art, among many others.
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