Bio: Author Frank Kane originally created New York City private eye Johnny Liddell in 1944 for a pulp story, and later went on to write 29 novels and countless short stories about him. Johnny started out as an agency man, but by Bullet Proof (1951), he's out on his own with his own New York agency.

Frank Kane's brother, Vincent, was a plainclothes cop for the NYPD who sometimes provided technical advice on investigative procedures. Kane spent much time learning from his brother about crime-oriented "tough guys" and gaining insight into their motivations.

In addition to the Johnny Liddell stories, he wrote one NYPD cop novel based on his brother's work. He also wrote scripts for radio (The Shadow, The Fat Man, Gangbusters) and television shows (S.A.7, The Investigators, and most notably Mike Hammer). Rumours have it that many of the Hammer scripts were just adaptations of his Liddell stories with Hammer substituted for Liddell.

With millions of copies of his books sold, Frank Kane is recognized as one of the world's top writers of mystery and suspense.

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Bare Trap
Hollywood keeps no secrets from Johnny Liddell ? When Private Eye Johnny Liddell moves his base of operations to the West Coast, he takes his talent for trouble with him, uncovering more dirt than a ditch-digger on overtime. First there's a movie mogul's adopted son (loaded with cash) living in constant fear of death. The there's a bevy of beautiful gals, all connected with the unlucky lad, but perfectly willing to change the color of their silks when Johnny shows up. Then there's murder--raw an... more info>>
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