Bio: I am a fifty-eight year young woman who took the long route to becoming who and what I always wanted to be. I am married and have been married several times before which has at times been painful but always educational. I have three children, all grown and living their own adventures now. I am a profession photographer and worked as a photojournalist for several years. The not so gentle ?nudge? I received from my first newspaper editor got me started writing and gave me the confidence to continue doing the one thing I had always wanted to. Once the words started flowing I couldn?t stop them. It did not take long for me to see that the barriers between ?Fantasy? and reality were barely existent and everything is just a matter of perspective. Though I have lived most of my life in Florida I now live with my husband, Emory, and a whole lot of Aussies (Australian Shepherd dogs) on a small ranch in Texas. And this is a nice enough place for now but - there is this story that keeps whispering in my head about a sorceress that once lived in the region that is now New Mexico and I know that someday soon I will have to return to this place and listen for just a while.

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'Til the Worlds End
As the commander of her own squad of the elite witches and warlocks of the Enforcers, Kayla's main mission is to keep the populace of the worlds on the Chain safe from the rogue druids seeking to exploit them. Setting aside the pain of her own heartbreak, she has set-up a home complex where she is raising her son and the group of orphaned witchlings she has rescued. Word of new attacks on the Chain means that she must leave the safety of her home and pursue the wizard and his minions responsible... more info>>
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