Bio: Raised in the Midwest, Steve read Jules Verne and heard the call of the sea. He served in submarines and still supports that branch of the Navy as a civilian engineer. A writer of historical fiction, steampunk, science fiction, and fantasy, Steve submerges readers in the wonders of the ocean. Join his strange and delightful characters as they confront the sea?s mysteries and dive into the depths of adventure.

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The Sea-Wagon of Yantai
In 206 B.C., China is torn by warring dynasties. A young warrior, Lau, receives orders to verify the legend of a magic wagon that can cross rivers unseen. He encounters Ning, the wagon-maker in the seaside village of Yantai. Ning has constructed an unusual wagon that can submerge, travel along the bottom of the Bay of Bohai, and surface in safety--the world's first practical submarine. Ning enjoys the peace and beauty of his undersea excursions and will not allow the military to seize his wagon ... more info>>
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