Bio: Born and raised in India, Geeta Kakade was educated in British convent schools and went to a British college. Lonely, because of the constant transfers her Army Dad had, books became her best friends. She moved to the United States to get married, and is now an American citizen. Geeta has taught elementary school for ten years, worked as a volunteer for twenty five, and written since she was fourteen. Her parents were both story tellers and her mother is a self-published author. Weaving stories was a natural outcome of all the reading she did. Under the pseudonym Geeta Kingsley, Geeta has written six traditional romances for Silhouette Romance. Her books have been translated into French, German, Italian, Greek, Spanish, and Hungarian. Now Geeta writes mysteries, romance, and non-fiction. She's taught a basics of writing class in the community and given several workshops. Doing a course for the community with the Los Angeles Police Department, helped her with her mystery writing. She hosts the Mystery Chat Forum on AOL on which she interviews mystery authors and networks with people who write and are connected to the business of writing. When she's not writing Geeta loves to travel, cook, and watch mysteries. She lives in California with her husband. Geeta believes people who face obstacles in life and who overcome them with resilience and move on to rebuild their lives are the true heroes of today.

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The January Green and Gold Mystery
The super-sleuth: Bethany Graham: Beth lives with her mother, Bridget Graham, a single parent. A loner, precocious, "almost fourteen", as she keeps telling everyone, Beth is very sensitive about her height and size (she feels she's built like Fort Knox). A computer whiz and a word collector, she loves reading. Beth is very close to her mother, but there are times when she wishes Bridget would remember that they live in a democracy. How could Mama arrange an after school Math tutor for Beth, with... more info>>
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