Bio: Patrick J. Caraher is a proud father of three and husband of one. An avid reader, observer of life and storyteller, he has recently chosen to share his reflections and stories in writing. Lessons in Life I Learned from my Baseball Cards represents his first published work. Other essays and previews from his upcoming project, The Diamond Love, can be viewed at his website Born and raised in Chicago, he currently resides in Northwest Indiana.

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Lessons in Life I Learned from My Baseball Cards
Remember when the most exciting moment of your childhood was opening a fresh pack of baseball cards? How you gazed lovingly at the pictures of your heroes, pored over their statistics, thrilled to their exploits and identified with their lives? We all know someone whose baseball card collection was the most significant touchstone of his childhood. Baseball card collector Patrick Caraher has turned his lifelong passion into a spiritual odyssey in Lessons in Life I Learned from Baseball Cards. Sel... more info>>
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