Bio: Angers was born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada; a small town forty minutes North East of Toronto. After re-locating as many times as there are years in her life, she says that she has finally found a comfortable permanent home within her writing. Her stories and characters, although fictional, are inspired from the many interesting and provocative personalities she's run into during her career as a musician. She testifies that this handful of people have not only transformed her life, but inspired the transformation of her songs into novel length works. "I write what I've seen, know, and perceive to be life." Her writing has been called "the Jack Daniels of literature--the bite is harsh, but kind to the soul" - Robert Fair. Since expanding her creativity into writing, Angers has worked for several information sources and magazines. To date she is the proud author of five published novels, and works as a freelance writer and a graphic designer, spilling her own form of tasteful absurdity out in the form of book cover art. She is also the founder and CEO of Brainpan Publishing.

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