Bio: According to historians, Vallie Fletcher Taylor was born in one of the Great Depression?s worst years--1932. She certainly recognized signs of poverty and lack when they came into focus, but at home, her family managed to create an ideal environment where reading and learning took top priority. The Fletchers were fortunate to live in San Antonio, where they could enjoy repeated visits to the wonderful old buildings erected during the Spanish and Mexican eras. That city whispers historic secrets from so many different cultures into your ear, no matter which direction you turn. Taylor believes that writing must have been genetically inherited, in her case. So many of her ancestors took time to record important events from their lives and pass them on to future generations. She dictated her own first stories and poems to her mother before she was introduced to the art of arranging alphabetical magic. She is now the proud mother of four and grandmother of seven, and has two great-grandchildren??totally perfect, of course?? but eagerly awaits the addition of others. She has enjoyed careers as a teacher, journalist, seminar producer, bed-and-breakfast operator and owner of a small ranch were she has the opportunity, peace and quiet to sit and write. She enjoys the company of good friends, delicious food, fine wine and an ever-growing population of eccentric mother cats, whom she serves as midwife, and their kittens.

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Eyes in the Alley
To most people, the Great Depression brings to mind shantytowns and fields buried in dust, breadlines and shuttered banks. For young Vallie Fletcher, it was a time when she startled her San Antonio neighbors by jumping off garage rooftops, convinced she can soar into the air. After all, that's what she did during a near-death experience at age two. It was a time when she looked into the face of a starving child, a face that would haunt her throughout her childhood. Segregation rules that did not... more info>>
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