Bio: Judy Lyden is a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, writer, and ?domestician.? She hails from her beloved Newburgh, Indiana, a great little town by a dam site. Being married to her brilliant husband, Terry, rearing their four children of exceptional talents, and playing the grandmother game to the hilt, she is content to teach preschool at the Garden School that she and her friend Edith built. She cooks, gardens, sews, knits, blogs, volunteers and writes delicious stories people love to read.

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Pork Chops
Anne Lynch is back in town and wants to sink the Dwenglesmyth ship. She and the old guard teachers are convinced the little cockroach principal demolished their parish school teaching careers. Something has to be done to stop his running/ruining the parish school and reverse the decision to fire all the over forty ladies--just because--who gave their teaching lives to their beloved parish. So in a moment of questionable bravado, Anne infiltrates the parish complex as chief cook and bottle washer... more info>>
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