Bio: A. Craig Copetas is a senior writer for Bloomberg News. His other books are Bear Hunting with the Politburo and Metal Men, on pardoned financier Marc Rich. Copetas has worked as a staff reporter for The Wall Street Journal; a corrspondent for Rolling Stone's London bureau; an editor at Esquire: Moscow correspondent for Regardie's magazine and the Village Voice; and a contributing writer to Harper's and The New York Times. He's lived and worked in Russia, China, Great Britain, Latin America, and the Middle East, and now lives in Paris.

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Metal Men: Marc Rich and the $10 Billion Scam
[An E-Reads Publication] Nonfiction: How did Marc Rich make over 10 billion dollars and pay so little in taxes? Journalist A. Craig Copetas has infiltrated the inner circle of the commodities market and Rich's associates to show not only how Rich pulled off the scam, becoming one of America's most wanted criminals, but also how other traders have used the same model to evade taxes as well. Currently the center of yet another great controversy, Rich was wanted for evading almost 90 million dollar... more info>>
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