Bio: Charles Nuetzel was born in San Francisco in 1934 to Albert Nuetzel (a professional commercial artist) and Betty Nuetzel (housewife).

"We came south to Los Angeles at the beginning of WW II, around 1942, where dad worked for Pacific Title, which did title credits and special effects for major motion picture companies. As a teenager I became an ERB fan and then flew hungrily into the world of science fiction. I convinced my father to try his hand at doing sci-fi covers; and soon he was being published by Fantasy & Science Fiction, Amazing Stories & Fantastic Stories; later he did covers for a number of local pocket book publishers. All my life I wanted to become a professonal writer and around 1960, with the help of Forrest J Ackerman, I started selling professionally. In some cases Dad's work appeared on my own novels! This kind of double sale worked greatly to our advantage over the following years.

"I was lucky enough not only in selling my stories to publishers but also ending up packaging books for some of them, and finally becoming a 'publisher' much like those who had bought my first novels. From there it was a simple leap to editing not only a sci-fi anthology, but a line of sci-fi books for Powell Publications. Throughout these active professional years I had the chance to design some covers and do graphic cover layouts for pocket books & magazines such as Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, Weird Tales, Charlie Chan Mystery Magazine and Zane Grey."

Mr. Nuetzel now lives in Thousand Oaks, CA, with his German born wife Brigitte. There are a number of interviews with him on his webpage, Egomania.

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The Epic Dialogs of Mhyo
He must kill the required number of dragons to win the hand of the lovely pricess. That was the duty of all promising young warriors! But more dangerous than the dragons are the Walls that Speak, including the most powerful wall of all--Godwall--and the most deadly--Deathwall! An "adult fairy tale."
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