Bio: There?s an unexpected ballerina in Sally Hickey?s own family, her cousin, the late Chris Farley, who studied ballet to learn to maneuver his body, as he did ?so gracefully? in SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE skits. After Hickey?s own ballet training in Milwaukee, WI, she obtained a BA from Rosemont College, Rosemont, PA, where she was introduced to the Philadelphia dance scene, to New York City and suburbs. After graduation she taught ballet at St. Rose?s Orphanage and in her home where the wet bar became the ballet Barre. After raising six children with husband and best critiquer, Paul, she reported Milwaukee Ballet Company happenings to The Milwaukee JournalSentinel and The News Graphic newspapers. Of the writing classes she conducted at The Milwaukee County Jail, she says, ?Whether the inmates are writing books, Letters to the Editor or essays preparing for GED certificates, they are striving to improve their lives.? Her own life is improved by rehabbing houses with Habitat for Humanity, settlement of Samolian families, skiing and tennis.

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ALEX, a determined teenager, reaches farther than her grasp. Caught in the adolescent tall/short conflict, she strives for a ballet career, despite being only five feet tall. A redhead temper, unique friendships and new challenges contribute to Alex's growing into her ultimate choice. Undeterred by a professional dancer's rebuff, she leaves her family, boyfriend and best friend to train in New York City, with hopes of auditioning with a professional ballet company. A dance group is formed with h... more info>>
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