Bio: Hi, my name?s Maryse. I live in France and have done so for four years now, along with my husband and three children? oh and not forgetting our four guinea pigs! We?re both English but decided to move to rural France to ?get away from it all,? so to speak. We?ve been married nineteen years now and are closer now than we ever were? especially since we only discovered we both liked spanking about five years ago! I?ve always been interested in spanking, it seems. From a very young age I would draw cartoons which inevitably ended up with someone getting spanked! As I got older, I started reading romance novels and realised the ones I decided to keep, all had very dominant males and nearly always a spanking scene. They never lasted long enough in my mind and left me wanting more. So then I thought I?d have a go at writing and realised I really enjoyed it, too. I hope you all enjoy my stories! Maryse

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Royal Reward
The year of our Lord 1078, Cumbria, England... Lady Enora has been happily overseeing her castle for the last six months, ever since her father died. Now, against her wishes, she is to marry a stranger--Sir Richard de Laurent--one of William the Conquerer's most trusted and formidable knights. For his loyalty and prowess in battle, King William has bequeathed to Sir Richard, the Lady Enora and her holdings, Beaumont Castle. A truly royal reward for a knight! Sir Richard had thought to find a win... more info>>
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