Bio: Kim McDougall is an author and photographer from Montreal, Quebec. After spending her first year of college in Nice, France, she somehow managed to bring herself back to the harsher light of North America, where she finished her degree in English Literature at Concordia University.

In 1999, her novel, In a Wink, was published by Avalon Books, New York, under the pseudonym Lacey Green.

More of her fiction can be found in literary magazines, such as Libido and AlienSkin. In 2007, her stories will appear in Aoife?s Kiss, Ideagems Press, Tri-Studio ezine and Albedo One Magazine.

She currently lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, daughter, three cats, dog, rabbit and hamster. When she is not feeding the troops, she writes fantasy and children?s stories.

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Angel Venom
Nathanael rescues Madalyn from the horror of war when she is six, and sets the rhythm for their lives. Whenever Madalyn finds herself in trouble--which is too often--Nathanael is there to bail her out. As they mature, this special bond deepens, and Nathanael becomes much more than Madalyn's protector. He is the man she will marry in a big church with all the trappings. Nathanael has other plans. Though he loves Madalyn with all his heart, he has long ago dedicated his soul to the work of God. No... more info>>
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Caul, Shroud and Veil [Book 1 of the Fire Raisers Trilogy]
Canaan, a broken god, and Maia, a young FireRaiser, face the horrors behind a sentient forest fire razing the continent of Gnoss. Gnoss' divine king, Alred, is too wrapped up in his own fears to believe that his kingdom is truly threatened by a power greater than his own. These three characters collide in a battle of wills. Each is dependent on the other. Each believes he is alone to battle the demons that come from inside as well as those hiding in the darkest forests.
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