Bio: Author, public speaker, political candidate and television personality, William F. Buckley, Jr. is one of this country's most prominent public figures. Born in 1925 in New York City, Buckley graduated with honors from Yale University. In 1955 he founded the conservative journal National Review and seven years later launched his syndicated column On the Right. Today it appears in over 300 newspapers. In 1966, he began hosting Firing Line on PBS. Buckley has won numerous awards for his journalism, including an Emmy and a TV Guide award for best interviewer on television. In addition to his work as pundit and political analyst, Buckley has made more direct forays into political life. He made an unsuccessful bid for mayor of New York City in 1965 and has been a presidential appointee to the United Nations and National Security Council. Buckley's work as an author has been wide-ranging. Perhaps his most well-known work is 1951's God and Man at Yale, but he has also written novels including Saving the Queen (1976), A Very Private Plot (1994), and a fictional account of Senator Joseph McCarthy, The Red Hunter (1999) which, perhaps not surprisingly, portrays the former Senator in a largely positive light. His spy novel Stained Glass won the American Book Award for Best Mystery in 1980. He has also written two accounts of his sailing voyages, Airborne and Atlantic High. Buckley is the 1992 recipient of the National Institute of Social Sciences Gold Medal Award and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, awarded by former President George H.W. Bush in 1991.

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Atlantic High
Ostensibly the tale of his 1980 voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic High is William F. Buckley's extended meditation on the pleasures of sailing and good company. Not surprisingly, as much thought seems to have gone into stocking the wine cellar as to charting out the route. Kon-Tiki, this is not, but nor is it meant to be. Instead, it is an essay on appreciation, and a chance for Buckley to share his spirited point of view and exercise his unique sense of humor. After a leisurely, aside-... more info>>
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