Bio: Amy could read before she could walk, well, almost. She penned her first story with crayon on wallpaper, sadly, her parents weren't thrilled. With eight, Amy wanted to be a librarian. Ten years later, she studied graphic design and let her creativity run loose--only in the wrong direction. Now, she has finally found her true passion--writing. Beside her love for writing, Amy loves to travel. She has been on six of the seven continents. Someday, she might even visit Antarctica. She knows every corner in Europe, survived two sweltering subtropical summers at the Tropic of Cancer, and spent many years exploring New Zealand. Armed with inspiration and creativity, she creates sensual stories. Amy gives her characters room to breathe and feel, to fight and play, before they fall deliciously in love.

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A Night in Sin City
Susannah books a trip to Las Vegas. Before that, she forges an email to her brother's best pal, Brian. Because ten years ago, Brian broke her heart. Not a child of sorrow, she recovered with lightning speed. Still, the opportunity to spend a sinful night with him is too much temptation to pass up. When Brian receives an email from his friend, asking him to keep an eye on Suzie while she's in Vegas, he is royally pissed. Since when is he a fucking babysitter? He hasn't seen her in god knows how m... more info>>
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