Bio: For me, writing is like breathing: an absolute necessity for life.  At the age of 8, my father bought me my first guitar. He told me that he paid $20 for it in what used to be called ?a juke joint?. It was then that the world of the arts opened up to me and I started writing. Not stories, mind you, but love songs. Who knew then that one cheap little guitar would lead me to my passion of writing stories of romance?  Having spent many years writing for various magazines and publications throughout America on the topics of politics and healthcare, I began to feel as if I would burst if I did not allow myself the time to express the romantic stories that had been welling inside of me. With the encouragement of my friends and family, I did just that. I could not believe what happened next; I wrote and I wrote and I wrote?.there was nothing else that I wanted to do but sit down with my laptop and lose myself in the story that I was telling. It was magic for me as a feeling of completion took hold during every session of creative writing. This also led to a great deal of reward as the readers of my writing expressed their enjoyment of my stories. Most of them were very short stories but some fall into the novella category. After such positive reinforcement, I had to go for the challenge of writing the first of 3 novels that had been in and on my mind for some time?.so I did and subsequently, I now have my baby; The Lost One.  I am the mother of two children and one new grandbaby and although much of my time is spent still raising the youngest of my two children, and entertaining our 200lb Mastiff (that thinks he is a human per my mother); I always have time to write.

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