Bio: Lisa Beamer, a homemaker, mother, and the widow of Todd Beamer, has become an enduring symbol of grace and courage in troubled times. She has generated major media interest, including appearances on Larry King Live, 60 Minutes, and Oprah, as well as feature stories in Time, Newsweek, and the New York Post. Recently she was selected by People magazine as one of the ?25 Most Intriguing People of 2001? for the way she has spoken ?eloquently of the need to move on in life without hatred.? She lives in the United States with her two young sons and infant daughter.

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Let's Roll: Finding Hope in the Midst of Crisis
Lisa Beamer was thrust into the national spotlight after her husband, Todd, led a counterattack against terrorists on United Flight 93. He--and all the other passenger heroes--lost their lives in a Pennsylvania field. But that plane was the only one of the four hijacked planes on 9-11 that didn't hit its target--most likely the white House or the Capitol. Todd's last known words, "Let's roll!" have become a rallying cry for the entire American nation to move ahead in hope, courage, and faith, de... more info>>
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