Bio: Alexei Panshin had ancestors on the Mayflower--and his father got off the boat in 1923. He is descended both from Salem witches and from their prosecutors. He was raised in a solar-powered home designed by the architect of the House of Tomorrow. Of course, he grew up to write science fiction. Alexei Panshin's first novel, Rite of Passage, won the Nebula Award of the Science Fiction Writers of America. He's also shared a Hugo Award with his wife, Cory, for The World Beyond the Hill, an account of the conceptual development of science fiction. Recently, he's been writing song lyrics and assembling an evolving record of his understanding of Robert Heinlein. This work-in-progress can be found at his website, Alexei Panshin's The Abyss of Wonder.

Rite of Passage (1968)
Starwell (1968)
The Thurb Revolution (1968)
Masque World (1969)
Earth Magic with Cory Panshin

Farewell to Yesterday's Tomorrow (1975)
Transmutations: A Book of Personal Alchemy (1982)
New Celebrations: The Adventures of Anthony Villiers [a collection of Starwell, The Thurb Revolution, and Masque World] (2002)

Heinlein in Dimension: A Critical Analysis
The World Beyond the Hill: Science Fiction and the Quest for Transcendence with Cory Panshin

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Rite of Passage
After the destruction of Earth, humanity has established itself precariously among a hundred planets. Between them roam the vast Ships, doling out scientific knowledge in exchange for raw materials. On one of the Ships lives Mia Havero. Belligerent soccer player, intrepid explorer of ventilation shafts, Mia tests all the boundaries of her insulated world. She will soon be tested in turn. At the age of fourteen all Ship children must endure a month unaided in the wilds of a colony world, and alth... more info>>
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Earth Magic
Neither swords-and-sorcery nor Tolkienesque romance, Earth Magic presents an archaic world in the tradition of the Northern European epic poems. Haldane, the young son of the Get warlord Black Morca, encounters a witch in the woods who unsettles his composure with prophecies of strange events and major changes. He returns home to find the first of the prophecies already come true--his father has been off raiding the more civilized countries to the West and has returned with a Western princess fo... more info>>
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Farewell to Yesterday's Tomorrow
An excellent companion to Alexei Panshin's novels, Farewell to Yesterday's Tomorrow collects twelve of his best stories, the last a novella written in collaboration with his wife, Cory. From the universe of the Nebula Award-winning Rite of Passage, where the hegemony of advanced ships over primitive worlds engenders complex moral dilemmas, to the first manned exploration of Neptune, to the interstellar quest of a fair lady and a noble beastman to find a home, these engaging fantasies turn the id... more info>>
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New Celebrations: The Adventures of Anthony Villiers
Many books have been hailed as "in the tradition of" The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Not this one. It came first. It may, however, be something of a precursor. A space-operatic comedy of manners and meditation on life, a cheerful noir thriller, New Celebrations contains the first three, and so far only, novels about the enigmatic Anthony Villiers, a young man who trails both a mysterious past and a six-foot furred toad companion whose papers are not in order. From a space-station gambling ... more info>>
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